The Tight Body Blueprint

The Tight Body Blueprint

There’s something nearly everyone has in common when they walk through our doors.
They want a tighter body…shaping and toning, weight loss, fit in my jeans and reduce my flab are a few of the words I hear during a consultation.
That’s correct, we all want to look better!

This may seem simple but why is everyone seeking shape & tone if it were so simple?

The evidence that most are lost is seen in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data that 40% of us are obese and nearly 80% don’t get the recommended amount of exercise.
Although most would argue they actually do understand the basic framework for success, they lack A) the guidance to details that work and B) the motivation to execute those details.
We have 5 client keys…the 2nd client key is “if you could do it on your own, you would have done it already.”

Let’s dig into that basic framework 1st!

We call this the Performance Lifestyle aka, The Tight Body Blueprint.

There are 5 aspects you’ll want to DOMINATE in order to get a body transformation.
A. Manage Life Stress
B. Demonstrate a Healthy Relationship with Food
C. Get Adequate Sleep
D. Perform Regular Cardiovascular Exercise
E. Get 3 Optimal Strength & Conditioning Sessions/Week
That’s it!
All you need is the basic framework today.
We’ll dive deeper in future posts so you can see if you are successfully managing the CRITICAL components of THE TIGHT BODY BLUEPRINT.