The Operating System That Will Change The Fitness Industry

The Operating System That Will Change The Fitness Industry

Are you trying to lead a life of optimal health or coach others to it?  Are you trying to be the best version of yourself or help others achieve it?
Those questions may seem ridiculous, because, isn’t everyone?

Is it possible to lead your best life without some form of exercise?  Since we no longer spend hours hunting, gathering, lifting and carrying, exercise is a critical component of health, fitness, quality of life, and mortality as determined by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in a thorough review of the evidence in the report, “Exercise – The Miracle Cure.”

For those of you who do exercise, what exactly do you do and why?  Take a minute to think about why you include things in your “workout.”  Try to question what you do, the tools you use, and the logic that brought them into your life.  Does the logic come from sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or Crossfit? Does the logic come from someone’s theory they developed to sell you a machine?  Does the logic come from those who look attractive or have elite athletic capabilities?

Recently, I had an interesting interaction with a 20-something, fit male.  I asked him what he does for exercise, and he pretty much described what I was doing 30 years ago.  Thirty years ago, I was interested in looking my best, and I trained like a bodybuilder, doing body part split training as Arnold, Lou, and Franco showed us in the 1977 movie Pumping Iron.  What 18-year-old wasn’t going to do what Arnold Schwarzenegger was doing back in the ’80s and ’90s?

Walk into any gym today, and you’ll witness a vast majority of people doing isolation, body part split training.  A small number of others are powerlifting, like my friend EC Stumpf, who has a 730# deadlift, or they are Olympic lifting and Bootcamp Crossfitting.   Does bodybuilding logic provide obvious benefits for all? Does powerlifting logic make it the supreme training theory? Does the philosophy of Olympic lifting and Bootcamp Crossfit make it the natural choice for everyone?  Each of these training types has benefits, disadvantages, concerns, and outright warnings associated with them.
Let’s dive into the 30 years between my 18th and 48th birthday.  During that time, Thomas Myers in his book, Anatomy Trains, proved through his work on cadavers that the body connects through fascial lines, David Weinstock brought forward NeuroKinetic Therapy and muscle testing to address the cause of pain and ultimately restore natural movement, Stuart McGill, the world’s foremost applied spine researcher has written a wheelbarrow full of books on spine health, Gray Cook became the godfather of human functional movement through screening and correctives, Pavel Tsatsouline along with John DuCane brought the Kettlebell to America, Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert, through divine intervention, introduced us to human evolution and neural resets, and Chris Korfist, Cal Dietz, and JL Holdsworth are pushing the limits on human performance through reflexive wake up drills and resets.

What if we could come up with the type of training that would never go out of style and would become commonplace in gyms around the world?  Great news! This training type currently exists with documented benefits for every age, fitness level, and movement capability. It is an evergreen approach that is the end of the game for fitness training types.
Moving the body the way the body is designed to move is the one common bond between every significant authority over the last 30 years from the paragraph above.  Sport-type fitness training, such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Crossfit are guided by the rules and objectives of the sport and not by what is ideal for the human body.  With bodybuilding, the body is not designed to operate favorably in isolation, with powerlifting, extreme loads take a toll on joints, with Olympic lifting, barbells do not optimize natural movement, and with Crossfit, timing workouts to make them competitive and doing something or anything just because it is intense is illogical and outright dangerous.

Moving the body the way the body is designed to move is Performance Training.  Performance Training represents the end of the road for fitness training as nothing can improve upon that evolutionary concept.

The big challenge now is transitioning an entire society away from sedentary living and sport-based logic to a better way to move, feel, and experience fitness and optimal living.  You can read the blog post “The Gym Industry Must Embrace The Money Model to Impact Low Participation and Poor Outcomes” to justify transitioning away from body image appeal and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) marketing and instead send messages of guaranteed progression.

As a fitness business owner and personal training team manager, I cherish systems that promote safety, guarantee progress, and help our coaches consistently deliver the highest quality service possible.  What system are you using personally and with your team? Is it possible to find an operating system that combines all of the breakthroughs and discoveries from the last 30 years?


Your Performance Journey represents the evolution of Exercise Science and is the gold standard fitness operating system designed to help everyone experience per session progression regardless of age, fitness level, or experience.

Five months ago, we hired a new team member, Rachel.  She previously coached in Utah at a highly respectable fitness center.  She was considered one of the top trainers in the company. We completely overhauled and sparked her physiology by having her follow an operating system.  

MEASURE BEFORE (10/15/2019) AFTER (3/15/2019)
Milestone #2: Build A Stronger Core #16: Link The Unbreakable Chain
Body weight 166 156
% body fat 25.2 19.7
Push-ups 0 3 sets of 20
Plank 27 seconds 3:01 minutes
Leopard Crawl 30 seconds 5 minutes
Press 8 kg 20 kg
Pain Mild and periodic back pain Pain-free

Her professional growth using Your Performance Journey has propelled her into a world-class coach.  Here’s what Rachel has to say after using the system for five months:
“Your Performance Journey framework is something I’ve been searching for throughout my entire coaching career. I wanted a fitness system that ties together safety and movement cohesively for clients to have guaranteed success. The strength bands and milestones have been motivating for me as a coach and client. I can see the progression and mark monumental achievements in my body’s abilities. Through the accountability component within the coaching of the YPJ system, I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been! I am empowering others to be their best self through Your Performance Journey.”

Here’s another coach, Zack Feeney, who began using Your Performance Journey one year ago: “The reason/excuse I’ve heard is a universal one: “I don’t have the time.” The truth I hear less frequently: “I don’t know where to start.” Perhaps, Your Performance Journey will give impetus and direction for that start.  These principles of coaching that are so unique to Your Performance Journey are all ideas you can incorporate into your coaching practice. The philosophy is based on simplicity. These principles are understandable, accessible, and filled with simple truths. It is no coincidence that the principles interconnect and overlap in a million different ways. They ultimately form a tight and potent system that has proven its success.”

Finally, here’s Coach Dean Pasquerella: “Your Performance Journey (YPJ) is a very effective system that I’ve used to help me become a  successful trainer. The framework is clear and efficient, with milestones that provide personalization and progression for each client, which keeps them on track and focused on the next step in the process. It quickly establishes a starting point for every client, no matter what their situation is, whether that be someone old or young, sedentary or extremely active, someone, new to fitness or a long time athlete. It boils down all the essential information into an actionable step by step process which I have found to be very successful with my clients and helped them reach their fitness goals.”

The objective of Your Performance Journey is to bring a logical framework to the fitness industry built upon proven systems.  These systems include:

Each system is incredible; however, we find immediate and magical outcomes when they are tied together, working in harmony.  
The framework or operating system makes the process simple for a coach and client.  There are 21 milestones, broken down into seven strength bands, similar to a martial art.  Following an assessment to identify the milestone, there is a focus, using logic and creating motivation to ascend the system (quick wins).  The 21 milestones stack like a brick wall, the lowest level milestone must be present before ascending, building a solid foundation. It works similarly to IFTTT, If This Then That, which creates a consistent approach to human physiological development and performance.  The quick wins of assessment proficiency become celebrations for the participant and coach, establishing momentum towards the long-term objective. The framework is personalized and guarantees per session progression.

Here are the 21 Milestones of Your Performance Journey:

Milestone #1: Find Your Flexibility
Milestone #2: Build A Stronger Core
Milestone #3: Move Better By Hip Hinging
Milestone #4: Improve Your Posture
Milestone #5: Find Shoulder Flexibility
Milestone #6: Establish Thoracic Spine Rotation
Milestone #7: Improve Mobility From The Ground Up
Milestone #8: Pattern The Squat
Milestone #9: Apply The Squat And Connect To Strength
Milestone #10: Train The 5 Human Movements
Milestone #11: Develop Kettlebell Skills
Milestone #12: Be Consistent To Look And Feel Better
Milestone #13: Develop Double Kettlebell Skills To Crush Your Workouts
Milestone #14: Create More Strength And Power
Milestone #15: Confidence Is The Best Payoff
Milestone #16: Link The Unbreakable Chain
Milestone #17: Looking In The Mirror Never Looked So Good
Milestone #18: Activate Peak Performance
Milestone #19: Maintain Peak Performance
Milestone #20: Live An Active Life And Win
Milestone #21: Respect The Practice And The Process

Where are you on Your Performance Journey?

Can you raise your leg from a supine position?
Can you stand on a single leg?
Can you touch your toes?
Do you stand tall?
Do you have adequate shoulder mobility?
Do you have adequate thoracic rotation?
Are your ankles mobile?
Can you squat proficiently?
Are you ready to load human movements?
Are you making progress with the five human movements?
Do you have skills that make your workouts more effective?
Is your body composition changing?
Do you have advanced skills that make your workouts more effective?
Are you getting stronger and more powerful?
Is your body composition changing?
Are you as strong as you have ever been?
Is your body composition changing?
Can you pass the ultimate test of strength and power?
Can you pass the ultimate test of strength and power regularly?
Are you setting performance goals that continue to challenge your mind and body?
Are you setting life goals that enhance your personal development?
For those of you looking for a YPJ coach, go to http://yourperformancejourney.com/find-a-coach/.
For those of you looking to coach others, you can now book a weekend seminar to educate and certify your entire team as YPJ coaches:  http://yourperformancejourney.com/licensing/.
The fitness industry can do better!  With a framework, proven methods, and process, we can make an impact on humanity.

**Your Performance Journey licensing fees are complimentary for academic institutions.

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