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You are on your way!  You’ve decided to participate and personalize your exercise routine.  By identifying where your body is and what it needs, you’ve effectively created a framework for progress.  All we can ask for in exercise and fitness is progress…and without participating and personalizing, no progress is possible.



To What

Your Body




But isn’t it easier just to start doing something…anything?  Sure, but why wouldn’t you want to do what actually works?  Something that helps you not only feel like it is working but objectively helping you instead of spinning your wheels and wasting your time?


Look Great, Feel Great, and Perform Your Best

When we waste our time it becomes easy to fall back into “I don’t have time to exercise.”  Long ago I thought this was used as an excuse…now I believe this is truly a justifiable and rational stance for most.  Who can blame someone who is not seeing a result from all their long hours in a gym or trying to do something on their own.  I give credit to those who actually call a spade a spade and say “I don’t have time to exercise.”  



I wouldn’t have time to exercise either if I wasn’t getting a result.  Which is why staying at the cutting edge of Exercise Science is critical because none of us has time just to throw away.  We need to make sure every minute we spend exercising is helping us progress.

Whether you are 70, like Linda who went from 0 push ups to 18 in 8 weeks…Jay, who came in with back pain and now is running, losing weight, and performing his best…or EC, who is an elite powerlifter who just wants to get out of pain and move better.  In only a few sessions, EC is moving better and beginning to feel like his core is stronger.  We can objectively see his functional movement improving, his balance getting better, and his pain gradually subsiding.  Ultimately, progression is taking your body and mind from where you are to where you want to go.

We aren’t guessing…we know what works and we know what order to follow when we are trying to help you.  Following proven systems helps you keep the spine safe, improve balance, move better, tap into true strength, feel energized, and connect to total body performance.  Just follow these proven systems instead of doing what you did, what you think you should do, or what others do.

As advanced as our society is and as important as moving and exercise is to our quality of life…everyone who walks through our doors benefits from proven system education, a comprehensive and detailed biometric and movement assessment, and a logical and structured roadmap to help them navigate quick wins along Your Performance Journey.  Quick Wins prove you’re progressing toward your goals.

Progression In An Exercise Program Unlocks Your Body’s Potential Naturally

When you decide to progress, you’ll have access to incredible information that will transform the way you exercise and thus the result you get.

Let’s take a look at all the resources within the Progression Pack.

  • Keep Your Spine Healthy And Prevent Injury

    The #1 risk of injury in a fitness center environment is a spine-related injury.  Do you know what neutral spine is?  Do you know how to prevent delamination of your spine and ultimately a herniated disc?  Are you aware of research-based recommendations from the foremost applied spine researcher on the planet?  If not, then Keep Your Spine Healthy and Avoid Injury is critical.


  • Better Balance, More Movement, And True Strength

    Do you struggle with standing on one leg?  Unfortunately, our society sits more than our bodies are designed for.  This prolonged sitting wreaks havoc on our core strength, spine, and ultimately our entire system.  Incorporating movements that give you better balance, more movement, and true strength is a valuable lesson that can streamline your workouts and give you confidence you’re reducing the risk of injury and enhancing your body’s ability to perform.
  • Restorative Breathing For Energy, Better Sleep, And Decreased Pain

    Breath is the key to movement.  Most of us fail to breathe properly and our system responds to this by subconsciously tensing soft tissue.  This cycle creates a barrier to movement and performance and ultimately opens up a door to injury.  Learn to breathe for energy, better sleep and decreased pain.
  • Make Your Feet Strong And Connect To Total Body Performance

    One of the first places we look when correcting movement or enhancing performance are the feet.  The feet are our roots that connect us to the ground.  When our roots are not strong, our torso and entire system is not connected and performance is diminished.  Learn how to Make Your Feet Strong and Connect to Total Body Performance.
  • Introducing The Perpetual Personal Training System

    The Perpetual Personal Training System is our dominant navigation system. You’ll see each aspect of our perpetual system that cycles every month.  This monthly cycle is critical because your exercise routine is only a small portion of what it takes to achieve the goal of looking great, feeling great, and performing your best.  You’ll need to embrace the elements of performance training as well as have accountability to give yourself the best chance of success.
  • The Perpetual Personal Training System Masterclass

    Take the ultimate deep dive into the deep messaging of our system.  This in-depth masterclass wii provide an understanding of each element that makes the Perpetual Personal Training System the martial art of the fitness industry.  Together with Your Performance Journey, the two work together as the navigation system and roadmap to your goals.
  • The 5 Core Systems That Build Natural Movement And Functional Strength

    We follow proven systems for movement screening, preparation, natural movement, strength, power, and performance.  Knowing what these systems are and following experts who have devoted their lives to improving your life is an important step toward staying at the cutting edge of exercise science and ultimately moving toward your goals.
  • Tracking Workout Progression

    Runners keep track of volume and intensity in order to ensure progression and reduce the risk of injury.  Strength & conditioning is no different.  Following and tracking your optimal strength & conditioning program provides valuable insight into how your body is changing, what your body is capable of, and which direction you are headed.
  • Personalization And Progression

    When you personalize you lay the foundation for progression.  When you follow the roadmap you get quick wins.  When you get quick wins, you progress toward your goals.  When you achieve your goals, you respect the process and the practice and you begin to win and inspire others.

Progression represents a turning point that gives rise to a confident mindset.  That confidence radiates and becomes a driving force as you begin to sharpen your focus toward performance…for now, progression is in the crosshairs.

So go ahead and take your shot at seeing progression today.

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