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Practicing A Proven Movement System Is The Key To Making Progress In Life

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Your Practice Is What You Make It

NOW is the time to capitalize on your decision to participate, personalize, progress, and perform…and it all comes together in your practice. With your practice, you commit to consistently showing up. When you use tools of natural movement, functional strength, and the five core systems, you finally get the results you’re after.

What’s amazing is that you only need to work out three times a week for 45 minutes to completely alter your body composition and get fit, toned, and full of energy.

The Perpetual Personal Training System and Your Performance journey is the fusion of everything that’s coming through the evolution of Exercise Science. It’s the evolution of the last 2000 years of fitness because it combines cardio with strength training in a way that is balanced for the whole body.

Your practice will integrate all of the core systems, making the most of wake up drills, neural resets, functional movement, strength, and recovery, so that you can stay safe and effectively progress according to what your body needs. Preparation and recovery are built into the program so that your body adapts incrementally with small steps and quick wins that will have a snowball effect to unlocking your body’s potential.

Your confidence skyrockets because with the repetition built into your practice you have a way to sharpen your skills and strength. All you need to contribute is your enthusiasm and your strong reason, why, you want to get better. We provide the logic, framework, structure, and the system so the guesswork is taken out of the annual program.

You will grow both emotionally and physically because by having the right amount of repetition in your workouts, you will see and feel progress. We work out with three workouts a month and those workouts repeat in a way where we’re going to change the variables weekly lending itself to the predictable result of strength, shaping & toning, muscle endurance…and ultimately, forcing your body composition to change for the better.

It’s going to feel good because there’s a clear navigation system and detailed roadmap providing great outcomes on a regular basis. This momentum is contagious and you’ll be happy because every time you practice…you hit the reset button. Your Practice makes it yours because Your Performance Journey is unique to you.

Performance is self-defined. Your practice brings confidence and strength to every area of your life. We’re going to give you the structure of Kinesiology and Exercise Science in order to show you exactly what works. All you must do is let your practice become a way of life and create an active lifestyle with enthusiasm and excitement.

Make Your Performance Journey The Cornerstone Of An Active Lifestyle

Your Practice Is An Investment In The Future

We see a theme with members who are successful…They are consistent with their practice. They always and I mean always get an incredible result. Whether that is weight loss, strength gains, more energy, sleeping better, or changing their percent body fat by 3% in four weeks. If you prioritize your health, you will move unstoppably toward your goals.

When we see clients who adhere to this program for six months, there’s a breakthrough that happens. That breakthrough is that they finally have a foundation and structure to their lives that makes everything else…better.

Practice and the Performance Lifestyle creates wellness that is pivotal to all your effort you’re putting toward the bigger goals in your life. It is impossible to describe…you just have to experience it, because again, Your Performance Journey is unique to you!

So there are two ways to begin Your Performance Journey.

Start practicing today…at any time, from the convenience of your own home, with minimal equipment, and world-class coaching.
If you are lucky enough to be in Albany, New York, schedule a consultation and movement screen.

There are many options out there. The challenge is that you need to do a program that builds on itself systematically and not just do random and sporadic workouts. When you keep it simple you will have a rhythm with ebbs and flows that has recovery built in. Life is short. Make it longer. When you have a truly world-class fitness practice you’ll feel younger, live longer, and be able to do the things in life that you love.

The Plaza


The People


Your Practice


It’s not always trying your hardest, there’s a dance to it, you’ve got to have rest and you’ve got to have times where you’re pushing the limits. That’s the beauty of how we train. So, you can stop looking for a fitness solution, you’ve found it. No more information overload, no more fear of injury, pain is not productive, and you don’t have to plateau or give up ever again because with our guidance and this program you can have a practice that you’re truly proud of.

You’re going to drastically increase your body’s capacity by practicing functional strength training. With your practice, you will only have to work out three days a week for less than an hour. The power of high intensity interval training and hardstyle kettlebells practiced appropriately is that it activates the entire human system.

Before you know it, all that was mystifying and overwhelming becomes second nature and you get the feeling of being a skilled athlete. You don’t have to stress about learning new routines, finding something that works, or competing against others. Just follow the program and you’ll have access to the freshest and best tactics available on the market.

Using the same proven systems elite athletes, special forces, and industry insiders use will make you feel stoked because you’re getting the best. When you give yourself the gift of a consistent practice, your effort goes a long way. You’ll get traction and finally get the body breakthrough that you’ve been after for years.

I’m generally reserved and I’ve never sought the spotlight, but I have seen so many people fail to achieve their goals that it is important I step up and lead the charge for smart professionals through performance training. You can join me in live streaming from the convenience of your own home at a time good for you and we can work together.

Practice Performance Training At The Cutting Edge Of Exercise Science 

When you join today you’ll get access to:

Because you’ve shown initiative and grabbed the first four pillars of performance training; PARTICIPATE, PERSONALIZE, PROGRESS, and PERFORM, we know you’re serious. You are exactly the type of person who will excel in our program because you are a motivated and ambitious smart professional.

The Plaza Fitness Performance Digital Community.

  • The Dashboard

    The Dashboard is the hub of our back end digital community and it provides access to everything you’ll need to stay connected to and following the program. Through the Dashboard you’ll be able to execute Your Performance Journey with strength band forums, livestreamed and on-demand training sessions, technique resources, and much more.
  • The Perpetual Personal Training System

    Understand the details of the navigation system we use to help you look great, feel great, and perform your best. When you understand the components of realization, assessment, foundation, bodywork, optimal strength & conditioning, re-assessment, and achievement, you’ll be better prepared to execute the practice.
  • Your Performance Journey

    Your Performance Journey is your roadmap. This roadmap personalizes your experience and provides progression that gives you momentum toward your goals. By identifying what your body needs and through simple to execute checkpoints along milestones, you’ll get Quick Wins and begin to transform your life.
  • Strength Band Forums

    Our community is unique and support from others is critical to your success. When you work within a community of like-minded people, are guided by world class coaches, in a proven system it becomes a recipe for achievement.
  • Program Progression

    Seeing the logic and progression built into your annual plan, monthly program, and individual workouts you gain confidence knowing that the results you are feeling will continue.
  • Skills School

    Each exercise is broken down and explained so you can improve your skills and get more from each set and repetition you complete. You’ll master skills as you continue your practice.
  • Livestream Studio

    Follow live sessions with me, Korey McCoy. You won’t be alone, we’ll be together as we follow the program and personalize the experience based upon what your body needs to transform. Take advantage of my 25 years of experience, the proven systems we fuze together, and the unique way we deliver Your Performance Journey.
  • Session On Demand

    If you are unable to follow me live, no problem. You’ll be able to watch each session at a time convenient for you. Whether you are in a gym, traveling, or in the comfort of your own home, Sessions On Demand will drive your desire to continue with training sessions.

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We have two options if you want to join us online, you can pay $79 per month or an annual payment of $799.

As an added bonus, we’re going to invite you to our Inner Circle Webinars.

Inner Circle Webinars
As a VIP in our program, you’ll be invited to attend events and seminars that inspire, educate, and keep you at the cutting edge of Exercise Science.

So click the button below and start your practice today.

If you decide in the next 120 days that you don’t want, like, or need what you bought – just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. No quibble, no questions, we’ll just do it.

Don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from living the life you deserve.

Your Performance Journey combined with the Perpetual Personal Training system will be the heart of your active lifestyle.

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