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Albany New York Fitness Center
Experience The Power Of Natural Movement And Functional Strength Workouts

Don’t get distracted by the clutter of a machine filled gym. Experience the power of an open floor concept, as we combine the effective use of kettlebells with functional strength and natural movement exercise programs. Once you begin working out with the community at Plaza Fitness Performance, you will realize you have found a system that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

We Build Rejuvenation Into Our Workouts

Fitness is not a quick fix, one time, silver bullet. It is a routine, a practice, a lifestyle. Our group personal training approach combines the best of kinesiology and exercise science with the motivation and momentum inherent in an inspirational community. No matter your starting point, we will meet you where you’re at, and in time your efforts will have you feeling better than ever before.

Stay Smart, Stay Sharp, Stay Strong

Our community is full of mature professionals who are constantly working to grow personally. To stay on top of our game we have to give time to ourselves, and for many of us the time at the gym is for release, recharge, and realization. When you are a part of Plaza Fitness Performance you are surrounded by ambition, kindness, support, and lighthearted gym buddies who love to encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

Your Plaza Is Designed To Get You Moving

When You Move The Way Your Body Was Designed You Naturally Activate Your Core And Spine To Optimize Strength And Conditioning Training

Albany New York Fitness Center

Your initial impression of our facility may have you wondering…where is all the equipment?

Typical gyms have wall to wall machines that encourage clients to sit and do something isolated or move the body in a way the machine wants you to move.  Our emphasis and concept is a little different.

We encourage you to move your body the way it was designed to move.  In order to execute this concept, we must have open space and a blank canvas to move your body freely.

Moving the body freely and using tools that conform to natural movement unlocks your potential to function optimally.

The space and open floor plan is a critical tool in our concept.

Typical skills and movements in our schemes include exercises you may have never done before.  These exercises include rolling, crawling, dynamic warm-ups, carries, and other large-muscle activation exercises that help you feel and function like you never thought possible.

Other exercises allow you to get into your hips and shoulders which help you activate muscles that improve your movement and increase your metabolism.  Improved movement will provide greater workouts leading to quick results.

The many tools in our toolbox all have 1 thing in common…they encourage moving the body the way the body was designed to move.

The tools include kettlebells, bands, straps, resist-a-balls, medicine balls, battle ropes, and of course…your body.

We recommend cardiovascular conditioning on days you do not participate in optimal Strength & Conditioning sessions.

Whether you perform cardio at home, outside, a typical gym, or within our Stuyvesant Plaza Cardio Center, the location should simply be convenient for you.

The kettlebell is the most powerful tool in our toolbox.

This tool not only conforms to natural movement, but it provides an ideal flow from stability and strength to mobility and power.

Transforming your body to a more powerful you will get you twice the results in half the time.

Our emphasis on natural movement through reflexive resets and neural resets will help you feel incredible.

If you’ve been sitting on machines or standing on the sidelines, now is your time to experience natural movement and body flow.

As your body becomes naturally mobile and stable you earn the right to load natural movements by incorporating the 5 human movements into your exercise program.

The Secret To Looking Great Is Choosing The Right Place To Practice

When Your Friends Are Asking You What’s Different You’ll Tell Them About Your New Power Spot


Utilize Natural Movement Workouts To Make Smart Progress And Avoid The Worst Pitfalls

Row after row of machines…promises of no judgement…hundreds of people…all getting NO RESULTS.  If your exercise routine has you sitting, there’s a good chance it isn’t optimal.

Sparking your lean muscle mass and your backside chain catapults your metabolism into the future. When your metabolism is working for you…you burn more calories at REST, while you’re doing absolutely nothing.  This is an incredible advantage for anyone interested in weight loss and shaping & toning.


Functional Strength Gains Improves Your Vitality For Years

Imagine the first snow fall of the winter season…and it’s a doozy.

You grab your shovel and not only dig out your car and walkway, you have the zest, energy, and functional strength to dig out your neighbor’s car.  The same neighbor who welcomed you and your family into the neighborhood and who watches your dog when you go on vacation.

These are simple and satisfying life experiences that may not be possible without the functional strength you’ve acquired since incorporating optimal Strength & Conditioning into your life.


Resistance Cardio Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

Remember the days when you thought you had to strength train for an hour and then jump on the elliptical for 45 minutes?

With kettlebells and optimal strength & conditioning, you’ll be taking care of everything simultaneously…providing you with twice the results in half the time.


Group Personal Training Keeps You Motivated To Push The Boundaries

Exercising with other like-minded mature professionals may be one of the most critical elements in making your exercise routine enjoyable…even FUN.

Imagine looking forward to a workout?

Kathryn Allen experienced this…”For the first time, I go to the gym regularly, willingly, some days even eagerly.” 

This can be you!

Begin Your Performance Journey

At Plaza Fitness Performance

Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness Center
Albany New York Fitness - Albany New York Fitness Center
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