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One of the greatest benefits in joining Plaza Fitness Performance is the supportive community.

The encouragement, inspiration, and social support you receive from those around you is one of the GREATEST PREDICTORS OF YOUR ADHERENCE TO AN EXERCISE ROUTINE.

When you look forward to exercise, develop new relationships with others, and are guided by experts…you know you’re in the right place.


Get In The Group!

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in our community.  Whether you participate in live group training sessions, livestreamed sessions, Runagades group runs, run races, webinars and educational events, weight loss groups, or our Facebook community, you’re sure to find activities and experiences that will support your healthy lifestyle.

“Even after two short weeks I am receiving compliments from people who notice a change in how I look.  I feel better, I move better, my outlook and energy have improved, and it’s also been nice to see weight loss.  I’ve been working closely with the coaches and I’m simply following their recommendations.”  -Greg Collins

You’ll Get The Best Results When We Work Out Together

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Take Our Word For It. If You Put The Work In. You’ll Get The Work Outs You Love.

It’s Your Turn For A Personal Best

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Affiliates And Ambassadors

If you would like to become an affiliate or ambassador and make money promoting Plaza Fitness Performance please register here.


We are always open to partnering with other businesses who would like to offer a fitness program to their audience. You can easily add revenue to your bottom line with turnkey marketing and promotional sequences that will make you look even more awesome to your audience.

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