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When you’re starting Your Performance Journey we establish habits that re-balance your body.


Create A Foundation For Progression

Personalization is the key to making progress. Otherwise you’re just getting a random workout that may not lead to the results you want.

Be Confident That You're Starting Right

You’ll feel more comfortable when you see the logical approach to getting fitter.

Personalize Your Fitness To Make It Unique To You

Congratulations, you’ve made an excellent decision to grab the participate pack. You’re going to get a whole new understanding about what is possible from your exercise efforts. You’ll see how having a performance training program is the key to easily unlocking your vitality and potential.


Build On The 5 Pillars

There are 5 Pillars of Performance Training: Participate, Personalize, Progress, Perform, and Practice. These pillars are the missing ingredients for most people when it comes to personal fitness and getting consistent results that build their functional strength.



Did you know that your body has the capability to move better, look better, perform better and that you can feel a decade younger with optimal strength and conditioning?

If you aren’t happy with your weight or the shape and tone of your body…this isn’t your fault.

You haven’t had access to information and programs that offer performance training because Exercise Science has evolved so drastically in the last 10 years that it’s rare to find programs that are offering cutting edge training methods…that work! Wouldn’t it be incredible to find a solution to movement that was convenient and challenged you appropriately so you could feel real progress?

Now you can…you see optimal performance is built upon a foundation of personalization. You need to decide to create an active lifestyle and make the most of your effort to efficiently and effectively challenge your body with exercise that is appropriate for you.

You also need a program that is much more specific and targeted toward attainable goals that are based on proven Exercise Science and Kinesiology. Finally, you need a coach that can meet you where you are and help you celebrate your accomplishments. If you’ve felt frustrated with your exercise routine in the past, what’s been missing is personalization.

Hi I’m Korey McCoy and I’ve been a leading trainer for 25 years. 18 years ago I walked away from a stable position in the fitness industry at a multipurpose gym because I could no longer tolerate the lack of personalization and concern for taking the right approach to helping people achieve their goals. Unfortunately, it was a time in my life where I had a young family and I was our only source of income. Regardless, I began with no clients, no money, and a dream. A dream that I could make it helping others live a better life.

As I exhausted our savings, I had to take a $5,000 loan from my Mother. That was a difficult time in my life…but as I began to care about people, they began to care about me…and my business began to grow. Taking a very personalized approach with everyone I worked with…I found that people had progression beyond their expectations and were not only willing to stay with me but spread the word to others.

After only a couple short years, I opened up my first club, Plaza Fitness Performance, in Stuyvesant Plaza, in Albany, NY. I put together a small team and we got to work.

I was driven by a burning question: How can a fitness program create goals and outcomes systematically and predictably for anyone?

This led to my journey to discover performance training.

Your Journey Starts With Assessing Where You Are

It’s Not Where You Want To Go, It’s Where You Are That Determines What To Do About It

Define Performance For Yourself

I’m sure you’ve seen the explosion of options coming through your newsfeeds and it seems like every Tom, Dick and Jane are promising the moon and the stars when it comes to creating a fitness lifestyle. The challenge is that to truly have a program that is personal it is expensive to work one on one with a trainer. On the other hand, there are very few programs on the market that are customized and tailored to exactly what your body needs.

On top of that, life is challenging when we are juggling kids, job, relationships, finances, hobbies, and everything else we deal with on a daily basis. I’m also challenged by the complexity of our modern lifestyles. Making sure everyone we care about gets the time and attention they deserve is tough…especially fitting in time for yourself. But if everyone and everything always come first…then someday you may not have the energy or health to do anything. If I failed to prioritize my health and did not have convenient access to Performance Training and systems that are proven…I would also be spinning my wheels and becoming frustrated with my health & fitness.

Without identification of baseline or personalizing your exercise program, you will, in essence, fall into a one size fits all concept which will send you in one of two directions…toward spinning your wheels or getting a body beatdown. We know where spinning your wheels leads you…to that excuse you don’t have time to exercise…while the body beatdown in a bootcamp can leave you in your doctor’s office with an injury.

We’ve created a process called “The Perpetual Personal Training System” and “Your Performance Journey” to personalize your training which will allow you to progress toward goals based on what your body needs. We do this through 7 levels represented by strength bands (white, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, and black). Each of these levels has 3 milestones. These milestones are broken down by checkpoints so you can get quick wins when you ascend Your Performance Journey. This personalization allows you to identify where you are, provide what you need, and accomplish what you want. We call these quick wins…when you get quick wins you’ll have momentum…this type of progression is simply not possible without personalization.

When you personalize your exercise routine, you have a specific framework and structure that forces your body to transform…like Tom. Tom came to us with back discomfort from exercising on his own. We quickly assessed his movement and found his core was weak. There was no reflexive core stability and thus his back muscles were over-working to keep him upright.

This was an exciting breakthrough for Tom. When Tom was presented with a White Strength Band he simply followed our recommendations to activate his reflexive core stability. This process involves tapping into the neurology of his body…said another way, moving the body the way the body was designed to work. After the very first session, Tom was able to feel the core had “woken up” and was actively participating in movement and exercise. To his disbelief, the discomfort he had felt in his back was gone.

You see, the pain Tom had experienced wasn’t necessarily his fault. He had never been presented with a simple and natural framework to address what his body needed through his exercise routine. He thought he knew how to exercise, but when he looked back on it he quickly realized following proven systems was the only solution. Today, in just 8 months, Tom is an Orange Strength Band…meaning he is a high level kettlebell athlete who can deadlift 400 pounds, crush double kettlebell skills with ease, he has lost 25 pounds, is in the best shape of his life, has no back pain, and is performing at one of the highest levels in our club in Albany, NY.


Identify Your Baseline Performance In Order To Determine Your Plan

In order to personalize you must find baseline and identify where the body is…for biometrics like Body Mass Index and % body fat as well as your functional movement capabilities.

You’ve made a great decision to grab all of the incredible resources in the Participate Pack.

The next step is making personalization a priority. In The Personalize Pack here are all the great resources you’ll get:

  • The Pain Prevention Assessment

    You’ll go through your very first assessment. The Pain Prevention Assessment uses 13 simple assessments you can do on your own in the convenience of your own home to determine if you are at risk for an injury. Knowing where you are is personalization. Sidestepping setbacks and injuries are key to progression and ultimately realizing your potential.
  • The Starting Point - New Member Onboarding

    This is where we begin our onboarding. It is simply the starting point in Your Performance Journey. You’ll go through our Functional Movement Screen to accurately determine which level…or said another way…which color strength band and milestone you’ll begin in. This is critical because your path is determined by the milestone characteristics your body demonstrates. It may begin with core/hip sequencing, hip mobility, shoulder mobility, posture, core activation, ankle mobility, squatting, or you may demonstrate no movement deficiencies…in that case, you’ll begin with the 5 Human Movements and skill development.
  • The Ultimate Home Gym

    If you are lucky enough to have access to us in Albany, NY then you have the best option possible. However, most of you must create an environment necessary to execute Performance Training workouts. We’ll call this the Ultimate Home Gym. Thankfully, creating the Ultimate Home Gym in your home is quicker and more cost effective than you might imagine.
  • White Strength Band Correctives

    The White, Yellow, and Green strength bands represent movement deficiency. We have a saying in our program…DON’T BUILD STRENGTH ON DYSFUNCTION. So, identifying deficiency is a hallmark of personalization that keeps you safe. We can not get you strong, powerful, and help you perform better if you qualify for any of these bands until you address the issue we’ve identified.
    The White Strength band represents Milestone #1, #2, and #3. If you begin here, we’ll work on core/hip sequencing, activating the core, and hip mobility. These foundational elements are typically not present in a majority of new clients entering our program.
  • Yellow Strength Band Correctives

    The yellow Strength Band represents Milestone #4, #5, and #6. If you begin or transition to this band, you’ll work on posture, shoulder mobility, and shoulder/thoracic rotation.
  • Green Strength Band Correctives

    The Green Strength Band identifies ground to total body systematic movement through a foundational movement pattern-the squat. Squatting is so important and primal to our lives, we must make sure your squat patterning is proficient.


This is how you personalize Your Performance Journey.

Personalization is the KEY and it is not being executed by the gym industry. Personalizing your exercise routine will provide the foundation for progression. When you begin progressing, you’ll never turn back and you’ll transform your mind, body, and life. Before you progress you must PERSONALIZE.

Grab the personalize pack today, and you’ll get access to all these incredible resources immediately, which will help you create a good foundation for Your Performance Journey.

As an added bonus, we’re going to throw in:

Creating Core Stability-Level I

Since most who join us have no reflexive core stability, we’ve put together a specific sequence of movements and exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. This homework can be done daily since we are looking for core stability. When our core is stable, everything works and connects seamlessly, resulting in better balance, more movement, and true strength.

Our guarantee is simple:

If you don’t agree that personalizing your exercise routine can substantially reduce the risk of injury, create a stable foundation for more advanced exercise, and improve your movement just drop us an e-mail within 120 days and we’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

Order Below Now to Avoid Disappointment

It’s time to protect yourself from random and sporadic workouts and there’s no better way to do it than by ordering the Personalization Pack. Plus, if you act now, you’ll also get the Core Stability Level I for free.

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