Hi, I’m Korey McCoy, Owner and Director of Plaza Fitness Performance. I’m a fitness expert with over 25 years of experience, helping smart professionals (like you) be the best they can be.

Our system helps you go from where you are to where you want to go.  Many of our clients have achieved total body breakthroughs that have eluded them for years.

But do you want to know something interesting?

Just 19 years ago…

I left the ineffective routines of the mainstream gym industry because of the frustrations nearly everyone had.

It’s true.

I was 28 at the time and, four years after finishing graduate school with an M.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University, I realized that most training was at best severely limiting and at worst dangerous for my clients. Using the common practices of the gyms, I could count the number of success stories on one hand, and those people would have been successful regardless.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t change the system. Even though I worked it day and night and even though I did everything the gyms told me to do, there was something missing.

I went to seminars, read books, and purchased videos that were popular at the time. Unfortunately, the common coaching practices emphasized bodybuilding and machine-based strength training. The isolation training that targets specific muscle groups is not an integrated whole body approach.

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Many people were injured or had imbalanced bodies because they failed to do strength training that made the body work as a whole. Additionally, the people getting results had to spend 2 to 3 hours and 6-7 days a week in the gym.

People who couldn’t afford personal training had to stay self-motivated and for most, their routines were random because they did not understand exercise science.  With the rise of the big box gym and the low monthly cost, these issues were magnified.

I knew there was a better way.

Then over the next few years, because of a guiding question, I discovered methodologies that emphasized natural movement and functional strength.

I started applying this to my training sessions and the breakthroughs were instantaneous.

In fact, our system now combines the most cutting edge methods in the industry.

Small Group Personal Training Is The Pinnacle Of Fitness Services

After two degrees and 5 years doing personal training, I finally found this amazing breakthrough.

In truth, I was frustrated training people the way most of the gyms were doing it.

Seeking to reinvent my personal training practice I asked a question that has guided me ever since.

How can natural movement and functional strength rejuvenate the body, motivate consistently, and keep people feeling vibrant late into life.

The first answer came in 2001 when Pavel Tsatsouline created the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) with John DuCane and Dragon Door. His book Power To The People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American shattered the illusions of machine-based strength training and the effectiveness of natural movement and functional strength with Kettlebells.

His subsequent books,  Bullet Proof Abs; The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Super Joints: Russian Longevity Secrets For Pain Free Movement, Maximum Mobility, and Flexible Strength; Relax Into Stretch: Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension; From Russia With Tough Love: Pavel’s Kettlebell Workout For A Femme Fatale; Naked Warrior; Beyond Body Building; Return of The Kettlebell gave me the most powerful tool in my training arsenal and perfectly intertwined natural movement and functional strength…the keys to rejuvenating the body.

Kettlebell training combined strength and conditioning into an integrated routine that involved the entire body so that in less than an hour, my clients could achieve twice the results in half the time than it took before.

There was a revolution happening in the fitness world and I knew that I had to create a gym where people could practice mindful movement. I opened Plaza Fitness Performance in 2003 to evolve the cutting edge strategies that were being born.

At the same time, Athletic Body and Balance was created by Gray Cook, a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, a strength and conditioning coach, and a USWLF (U.S weightlifting) coach. He introduced the concepts of functional movement screening through his book Athletic Body and Balance.

Cook’s methods personalized exercise recommendations so that we could determine movement deficiencies and correct them with a precision that was unprecedented. He emphasized that movement followed predictable patterns that everyone had in common. His techniques evolved into Functional Movement Systems and he and Lee Burton have gone on to reach millions worldwide, including athletes at the highest levels.

With Functional Movement Screening we could take someone who was at risk for injury or experiencing discomfort with movement patterns to pain free and functional movement faster than ever before.

When We Completed The Puzzle, We Began To See Incredible Results!

To complete the puzzle to rejuvenate the body through natural movement and functional strength, I added the Original Strength teachings by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert. Tim’s first book Becoming Bulletproof in 2011, and the follow ups Original Strength in 2013, and Original Strength Restoration: Returning To The Original You in 2014 tied everything together at Plaza Fitness Performance.

We flew Tim and his team to our fitness center in 2014 because I saw that the combination of these systems was the revolution I opened my gym for back in 2003.

Moving the body the way the body was designed and connecting the mind and body has transformed lives so effectively…it’s breathtaking.

As we combined these systems, clients began to have incredible results.

Members had drastically improved balance and better movement.

They fitted into their clothes differently.

They got more confidence and had a zest for life.

Their body weight began to fall faster than ever before.

We began noticing staggering body composition changes and percent body fat reduction.

Their core became more stable and their movements became stronger.

Back pain and discomfort were virtually eliminated.

We began getting comments that people felt decades younger with more energy than they’ve had for years.

In fact, members actually liked working out and their new lifestyles embraced health and fitness.

Sounds almost crazy, doesn’t it.

Hey, I understand. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing this is real.

And all I ask is you hold off from disbelieving long enough to see the evidence for yourself.

Look, the gym industry is BROKEN and stuck in an old school model of service.

In fact, 60% of the entire American population don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity.

25% don’t do ANYTHING at all.

Nearly 40% of our society is now considered OBESE.

Nearly 70% of people who own a gym membership never use it.

Of the 30% that use a gym, very few are participating in an optimal strength and conditioning program designed by true experts.

These are statistics the gym industry doesn’t want you to see…it is direct evidence that the industry is COMPLETELY BROKEN and in my opinion…NEGLIGENT.


What’s The Difference Between A Big Box Gym, Boot Camps, and Personal Training?

Here’s why YOU will fail in a big box gym:

If you follow the normal routine it’s not very much fun. It’s boring. Random workouts create sporadic results.

If you’re not exercising you know how hard it is to even get started. There’s fear of embarrassment, laziness, judgment, and it feels easier to not work out than to commit to a new lifestyle.

You may have a preconceived idea of what a typical gym experience is like.  There’s hesitation to overcome pain, injury, or re-aggravating injuries by trying something new.  Most people are sedentary and it is difficult to find a comfortable starting point with the guidance that takes your current situation into consideration.

This is all great for big box gyms selling cheap memberships because when people don’t come there’s more space to sell more memberships. The cost is so cheap that most people don’t realize they are paying twenty dollars a month, even though they never go.  Big Box Gyms are designed to encourage and persuade you NOT to participate…if they wanted everyone to use the gym they’d be out of compliance with municipal capacity requirements.  As you can see, the business model of low price to grab as many people as possible should come with a ‘BUYER BEWARE’ warning that you get what you pay for.

Most gyms are full of machines but the body is not designed to move in isolation. The body is designed to work as one and move as a whole.

The business model of a gym full of machines was great because people could do a circuit with no skill or coordination, so guidance and professional coaching wasn’t necessary.

But in today’s world, we want to stay healthy late into life. We’ve seen our parent’s bodies deteriorate, full of pain, without balance, and strength.

You know there’s a better way!

You are ready for a change and you realize the importance of an active lifestyle.

In search of a better way than the big box gym, some pursue personal training.

What they found is that over the long term it’s not very enjoyable. Working out one-on-one with someone telling you what to do gets repetitive and stale. Generally this type of relationship becomes more of a friend session than a training session.

The typical rate for one-on-one coaching can range from 75 to 200 dollars a session. So if you want to workout 3 times a week, you will pay over a grand a month. For most people that’s not in the budget.

What personal training has right is customization. You get workouts that are usually modified for you (if you’re lucky). If you’re not lucky you’re paying for a friend to chill with for a hundred dollars.

The direction smart professionals are heading in the fitness world is toward small group personal training.

We define this as a group of ten or less because when it gets bigger it becomes a boot camp and customization and progression are not possible.

There is a watering down of the industry where group training is provided but customization is sacrificed. Due to the boot camp model that benefits financially from groups of twenty or more, usually up to fifty in a large room, parking lot, or “box.”  When everyone is forced to follow a ‘workout of the day’ and then that workout is timed and ranked…there is an incredibly high risk of injury for most or said another way…it is NEGLIGENT.  Since there is no barrier to opening a gym, anyone with interest and a couple bucks can open up an injury “box” and contribute to the poor client outcomes and atrocious reputation of the fitness industry.  It’s nearly impossible for a coach to modify the routine and movements to keep you safe. Guiding you on form and regressions is crucial to avoid injury and progress according to your level of skill and fitness.

You also miss out on tracking, accountability, and identifying if you are actually moving toward your goals.  You have to ask yourself…Are you JUST getting a workout?  Or, are you getting a RESULT?

The PINNACLE OF EVERYTHING in the fitness industry is the combination of personalization, natural movement, functional strength, spine health, neural resets, reflexive core stability…all delivered through small group personal training.

Why Small Group Personal Training Is The Key To Your Momentum Toward An Active Lifestyle

Adult learning theory proves that people grow the most surrounded by people who motivate them and challenge them. When you are part of an ambitious community who are devoted to their personal development, you can’t help but to grow.

We see our clients putting in the extra effort every day and without fail, everyone FINISHES THE WORKOUT. When you’re doing your reps and getting through the rounds and you look to your left and right to see your friends pushing themselves and giving themselves the time to get stronger, you dig deep within to find that extra gear.

And when the workout is over, that rush of accomplishment refreshes everything. We’re all too tired to talk, but we did it together. We did it for ourselves. Not for any external approval, or limited vanity validation, we keep showing up because this space is our sanctuary.

It’s our place to escape, hit the reset button, sweat out the stress, and emerge again renewed.

What makes it even better is when the coaches didn’t let us quit. They challenged us to pick up a bigger bell, they added another “bonus” move to the routine.

Because our workouts are a well-designed program, we see the progress every week. With every new skill, and every added rep, when we go to shower at the end of the session, we love the reflections shining back at us in the mirror.

It took over 10 years and I invested well over $300,000 dollars to synthesize the system at Plaza Fitness Performance.

Then, I had to hire professionals with bachelor’s and master’s degrees to execute it because it’s SMARTER, SHARPER, AND STRONGER than everything else out there.

Here’s how it works:

The Perpetual Personal Training System is based on two core truths about what we know works in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

1. When people exercise in groups they have more fun. When they enjoy fitness, it becomes a lifestyle and a habit so that they can maintain their commitment and decision to stay healthy.

2. The body ages and low impact resistance cardio that emphasizes natural movement with functional strength makes getting older graceful and restorative.

We offer 15 small group personal training sessions a day in our two locations in Latham and Albany New York. It’s called flex schedule small group personal training. Working out has to conform to YOUR schedule, because busy professionals with families need to fit in their gym time whenever they can.

Movement Creates Motivation To Lead An Active Lifestyle

Under the guidance of our 10 coaches you can have consistency in your routine because the flex schedule enables you to develop as the monthly program progresses.

And these two core truths, that community is inspiring, and moving the body naturally leads to graceful aging, enables you to have mind and body breakthroughs without the discomfort of trying too hard.

And guess what?

You can learn how to do the same thing. No matter where you’ve been working out until now, or if you haven’t been active enough for years we will help you create an active lifestyle.

In fact, when you use the Perpetual Personal Training System at Plaza Fitness Performance you can immediately start attracting the compliments, praise, and success that comes from feeling radiant after a solid workout.

Our coaching will show you the way, you just have to put in a little effort.

This strategy is the missing link that makes 60 year olds look like they are 40. You just have to invest in yourself, one day at a time.

The best thing is just how fast, effective and EASY it is to integrate into your life.

Because we are combining strength training with cardio conditioning you can get twice the results in half the time.

On average, our training sessions burn double the calories while activating the metabolism for 24 to 72 hours after.

Choose to Participate, today!

What I really love about this system, is just how simple it is to start getting results.

Every person starts Your Performance Journey in a different place. We have a unique way to personalize your experience based on how your body moves. Your Performance Journey identifies your milestone and your strength band.

We use this process to assess your ability to move well.

Stability and mobility make movement.

Movement creates motivation.

Experience A Program That Progresses Every Month To Make You Stronger And Excited To Put The Effort In

You can come to the gym and forget about everything else because our coaches give you the structure that builds on itself programmatically. Without even trying, you will execute a balanced and integrative fitness routine that is formed by the cutting edge understanding of physiology and athletic performance.

Many reasons why people quit are because they get bored, get injured, plateau, and don’t get results. Usually this is because of unrealistic expectations set by vanity based body image gym and weight loss marketing.

To combat this delusion, the Perpetual Personal Training System is full of quick wins, small steps, and accessible routines that people of any ability can do.

Monthly, our program cycles through six stages:

REALIZATION, the stage when you decide to change or grow;

BASELINE ASSESSMENT, when you identify where you are;

FOUNDATION, where you improve your lifestyle with nutrition, sleep, stress, cardio, and other wellness habits;

BODYWORK, where you get out of pain and prepare the body for movement;

OPTIMAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING, when you practice skills, strength, mobility, and stability;

RE-ASSESSMENT, when you check your progress with objective data points;

ACHIEVEMENT, the moment you realize the gains you’ve made this month are due to the effort you made to execute the Performance Lifestyle.


What Makes Our Small Group Personal Training Unlike Anything Else Out There is Just How Fast it Works

In fact, you can get results in as little as four weeks from now.

Just like Laura Ritchie, who dropped nearly 10 pounds and 5% body fat in our April workout cycle.

Or Santosh Iyer, an engineer at an e-commerce company, who went from 231 to 174 and lost 57 pounds. At 5’11” he was at 32.2 BMI (body mass index) which is considered obese and puts you at increased risk for developing chronic disease, and now he’s 24.3 BMI which is considered normal and healthy.

Does your back hurt? Well so did Tom Wallner’s, a member of “the back pain anonymous club”, he didn’t know a lot about exercising and realized he needed guidance to get results. He went to the doctor, specialists, and got injections and it didn’t help. He couldn’t “hardly lay down on the ground”. Tom wanted to know the details of WHY to do certain exercises. Tom went from painfully hardly moving to confident performance in 5 weeks.

Dr. Jay Watsky, an endocrinologist. who was injured from “horseback riding and could barely move”. A big box gym convinced him to work with a personal trainer, and after seeing the price schedule, he decided to look around for other options. He likes how we are able to “personalize the training, pay attention to your technique, and make sure you’re not getting hurt.”

Dr. Watsky thinks “all of our trainers have been wonderful, and it doesn’t matter who he works out with because they’re all good.” He “comes when he feels like it and whoever happens to be the trainer at the time he is confident they are excellent at what they do.”

Over the course of 6 months “things have gone extremely well. Fitness wise things are back to normal and better, so movement is much improved, and I can do things I was not able to do even before the injury. I’m much more confident running, biking, rowing, all the things I like to do. And as a side effect benefit of all that, I didn’t even consider it possible or realistic, but my weight has gone down 15 pounds and body fat has gone down by 5%. Those are things I wasn’t even really looking for, but a nice side effect of feeling better. So that’s my story, thanks a lot.”

Kim Howe, a 54 year old, who was just “bitten by the bug watching the commercials and hearing the radio pitches ‘join a gym for 10 dollars! join a gym for 19.99.'” She “went to the big box gyms and took the tour, got the spiel, wasn’t impressed and got the feeling that they just wanted my money, and would give me a pat on my tush, send me on floor and say ‘do your own thing and lose some weight’… I was motivated to do something for myself so I came I got assessed I found out the shape I was in and how my plan was where I would get better, stronger, and leaner.”

After two weeks she could do push ups. “I’m getting better and stronger and it’s only been two weeks… Right now I’m cresting my 20 pound weight loss and I’m so exited. I’m in my tier two clothes, of course the tier ones are the skinny ones, and I’m not quite there yet. But now the tier two clothes are getting too big. So all I can say is IT WORKS. You have to eat healthy. You have to religiously exercise. And you have to be conscious of your program even when you’re not in the gym. Because when you put it all together mind, body, and the advice you get from the coaches on diet and exercise, everyone’s tips, the recipes we all share, and the friendships we make through this community, you’re going to get awesome results. Trust me. I’m 55 and fabulous now and can’t wait to get new clothes.”

Deb Petridis, a former triathlete, who after a bike vs. car accident gained 40 pounds because she couldn’t exercise. “I tried a variety of different exercise programs over the past several years. I’ve been trying to get back into running and it was always a struggle.” She joined in June by October “I have finally recovered from injuries that have been plaguing me for the past couple of years, I enjoy running, I enjoy the sense of community with Plaza Fitness, I am doing strength training twice a week and feel that my strength has improved and slowly but surely my body composition is also changing for the better. I feel better and healthier and I enjoy working out again.

So my recommendations to you are to join the Plaza Fitness Community, join the running programs, and the strength programs. It is a community experience.”

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I’m Sure By Now You Can Clearly See Just How Life Changing This Can Be For You When You Find A Program That Aligns With Your Ambition

Anyway here’s the bottom line.

After participating in our group personal training program.

You’ll never feel lost or lack motivation because you don’t know what to do in the gym.

Instead, you will improve flexibility. So that you can keep up with your kids or (someday) grandkids.

Have better balance. So that you can enjoy summertime activities.

Lose weight. So that you improve your health and feel better about yourself.

Shred body fat and get toned. So that special someone is even more attracted to you.

Enhance your functional strength. So that your time in the gym transfers directly to your life activities.

Have a stronger back and core. So that you never have to experience debilitating hip and spine setbacks.

Eliminate pain. So that you don’t fear moving your body, exercising, and being happily active.

Reduce risk of injury. So that you don’t spend money on rehab and doctors.

Enhance confidence and vitality. So that you can do better professionally and your personal interactions are vibrant and alive.

I see this happen all the time when I teach members our system.

Once you start coming to Plaza Fitness Performance you get skills you can use for the rest of your life.

Skills nobody can take from you, skills that are “ageless” – and that will work today and tomorrow.

And it’s so easy, too.

Just follow our program and, before you know it, you’ll love your new active lifestyle.

Plus… if you enroll today in the 30 day quick start, I’ll send you the foundational framework to your new body.

You will love our FLEX SCHEDULING system. You will get all the benefits of personal training, and be able to schedule it on the fly around your busy schedule.

Just knowing that you can Livestream or come to any of our sessions (15 a day in two locations, from 6 A.M to 8 P.M), and get consistency in your fitness program with world class coaches all around YOUR Schedule will change the game for you. You will get all the power of a program that progresses, and you can do it any time. Fit it in on your lunch break, or first thing in the morning, or on your way home, just drop in and continue right where you left off in the cycle.

Get a Complimentary Movement Screen and Body Composition Assessment

When you train with world class coaches you will never plateau or lose interest. 

It doesn’t matter who you train with. Our ten coaches all are super well qualified. They’ve spent years honing their personal training repertoire, and compassionately guide you towards the breakthroughs you desire. If you need someone to challenge you we’ll do that. If you’re concerned about an injury, we’ve got your back. When you’re ready to create new habits and commit to a healthy lifestyle, we’re there for you. Exercise science, Kinesiology, body work, optimal strength and conditioning, sports psychology, and coaching are our passion and with our help you will feel more empowered than any other exercise experience in your life.

On top of all that, you’re instantly part of a great community of ambitious and motivated mature professionals who believe in personal development.

For 16 years the secret sauce of the endless stream of breakthroughs coming through this program is the power of our community. This is seen on our “be your best” board that we highlight at our annual skills demonstration, a charitable event that showcases the progress our members have made. They make personal records while being cheered on by their friends, and doing their best ever in front of a crowd is an athletic achievement that we all remember for a lifetime.

The encouragement and camaraderie is refreshing for the entrepreneurs, professionals, and homemakers because their time at the gym is one of the only times that they have for themselves. But the effort and hustle is done together, and many times that’s a reason to not quit early.

Picture the look on your beaming face when you realize that you’re getting twice the results in half the time.

Now that you’re combining strength training with conditioning in a proven system three times per week you’re getting in the exercise that’s necessary to stay healthy. In 45 minutes a day, fit in between your active and busy life, you can hit the reset button. When you hit the mat and pick up those bells, you know that it’s time to release, put in the effort, get the heart rate up, and refresh the mind and body to keep it all moving.

You’re in great hands with our coaching staff.

We have Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science as well as over 30 certifications from leading fitness organizations like the American College of Sports Medicine, StrongFirst, American Council on Exercise, Original Strength, Functional Movement Systems, Neurokenetic Therapy, Reflexive Performance Resets, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Precision Nutrition, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Boxing, and others.

This is important because we know how to train and a good coach makes you a better athlete.

Here is just a small taste of what you’ll discover in this system:

How movement will help you regain the body you were meant to have.

How the right ballistic movement is the key to unlocking the backside chain.

How to keep your metabolism firing for three days after your workout.

How to stay motivated and not plateau.

How to use neural resets to create balance in your life.

Learn new skills that keep exercise interesting.

Find out how the perfect mix of muscle confusion and programmatic progression leads to long term adaption.

Why the most successful athletes and entrepreneurs rely on coaches to push and guide them to new breakthroughs.

To get you started and help you redefine fitness we have many resources to help you.

We want to help you achieve your goals smarter and faster with our 30 DAY QUICK START MINI COURSE.

Get serious about strength. Download our FIVE SECRETS TO INSTANT STRENGTH GAINS.

Stop saying you’re overweight. Unleash your metabolism with THE BEST EXERCISE YOU’RE NOT DOING


Want to know how to create a pain free body on a small budget? Take our PRE-PAIN PREVENTION ASSESSMENT

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