Find a proven system and a coach that deliver the fusion of what works in Exercise Science.


Take the guesswork out of fitness by tapping into natural movement and functional strength training.


Learn how a balanced training system can make the most of your time exercising.


With THE PARTICIPATE PACK you can revolutionize your understanding of exercise and what to expect from performance training.

Participation Is The First Step In Your Performance Journey

Did you know there are 5 Pillars of an effective Fitness program?  Participation, personalization, progression, performance, and practice. If any one of these is missing, you’re simply not going to get the results you’re after. When you have all five, you can get twice the results in half the time while staying safe, making huge progress, feeling confident and getting quick wins easily and consistently.

There is nothing quite like having a consistent exercise practice in your life. Knowing that there is a program and a process proven to create health and vitality can allow you to feel like you’re a decade younger.

Your practice, the program that you follow, and the performance that you create every time you do a session becomes a lifestyle that is the foundation of wellness, happiness, and vitality.

There is a phenomenal evolution happening in the fitness industry. The leaders of performance training are blending the best techniques of natural movement, functional strength, high intensity interval training, kettlebells, and neural resets to create immediate breakthroughs for you regardless of your fitness level.

You deserve a training program and a physical practice that is designed specifically for what your body needs.

The Evolution Of Exercise Science Can Help You Reach Your Potential

Natural Movement, High Intensity Interval Training, And Personal Training Will Set You Up For Success

Hi, My name is Korey McCoy, I run Plaza Fitness Performance in Albany, New York. I’m a fitness veteran and a lifelong advocate of living an active lifestyle. For 25 years I’ve helped thousands of clients achieve transformation in their lives by giving them techniques and programs that make the most of their effort in the gym.

My clients establish exercise practices that are meaningful to them because they follow a program based on proven Exercise Science. The results they experience are lasting and nothing short of transformational.  

I’ve seen so much change in training philosophies over the years that it’s been a full time job just to stay current on what’s working.

I currently hold certifications from: StrongFirst, RKC, Functional Movement Systems, original strength, Neurokenetic therapy, Reflexive Performance Resets, the American College of Sports Medicine, a bachelors in Exercise Science from Washington State University, and a Masters in Kinesiology from Indiana university.

And after all of that education and experience I’m here to show you the fusion and evolution of Exercise Science and Fitness. And it’s called Performance Training.

Participate In Performance Training

You see, it is not one size fits all. You cannot expect to do what other people are doing because it’s not about them. Your practice is all about getting quick wins consistently, and with a program personalized for you, you can create progression that is attainable. Your achievements can happen more often when your goals are based on reasonable expectations created with specific body-based outcomes that meet you where you are.

There are many problems with the gym industry right now.

In boot camps, concepts like regressions, correctives, and resets are ignored because it takes too much time and attention to personalize a program based on your ability and physical skill.

In big box gyms, people exercise sporadically and without logic or following scientifically proven strategies and progressions. Mostly because they don’t have the guidance from a professional coach or the background to design an elite program.

On top of that, the body image psychology used by marketers sets people’s expectations too high and when people don’t get quick wins with consistency, they stagnate, procrastinate, get discouraged, and quit.  How often do you hear the old excuse…I don’t have time to exercise…of course when you are spinning your wheels getting nowhere in a gym because you don’t know what to do or how to get there, it absolutely feels like you are wasting your time…because you are!

Recently, I was working with a new client of ours, Patty.  Patty was so happy we personalized her routine because she’s had numerous injuries and negative experiences in the past with one size fits all fitness programs, that aren’t fun, don’t keep you motivated, increase your risk for injuries, can’t prove to you that you are making progress, and otherwise are simply designed to take your money…because they know you won’t be around in 4 weeks.

We completely understand your frustration with not seeing the scale move or not seeing your body change the way you want it to.  But this doesn’t have to continue.

Just because you have had poor experiences with the gym industry or you’ve failed to accomplish your goals doesn’t mean you have to repeat that.  There is a better way…and today, we simply ask you to participate.  Participate in a new fusion of fitness systems called Performance Training.

Today, you’ll have access to the participate pack, which includes The Guide to Your Choices on the Fitness Playground, The ABC’s of A Sharp Fitness Program, The Insider’s Guide to Personalization and Functional Strength, and What Is Performance Training.

With these resources you will learn what is possible and find out how Exercise Science has changed in order to begin to completely transform your life safely and effectively.

When you choose to participate here’s what you’re going to get:

What’s Included In The Participation Pack

  • Welcome To Plaza Fitness Performance

    Hi, I’m Korey McCoy, the Owner and Director of Plaza Fitness Performance. I’m a fitness expert with over 25 years of experience, helping smart professionals (like you) be the best they can be.

    Our system helps you go from where you are to vibrant and confident lifestyles in just weeks.  Many of our clients have achieved total body breakthroughs that have eluded them for years.

    The first step is to simply PARTICIPATE.  When you participate you’ll begin to understand why performance training is your only option to looking great, feeling great, and performing your best.  We aren’t 20 any longer and we must have a fitness program that meets us where we are and helps us move safely and effectively toward our goals.

    I look forward to guiding you on Your Performance Journey as you ascend our system…you’ll have better balance, more movement, true strength and you’ll begin to feel better, exude confidence, have more energy…simply put, you’ll get into the best shape of your life.

  • The Guide To Your Choices On The Fitness Playground

    You’ll learn about the 5 different options in the fitness industry, and determine which has the best value. You’ll discover the difference between being sedentary, big box gyms, boot camps, personal training, and small group personal training. This will help you identify the best value for your time and effort.

  • The ABC's Of A Sharp Fitness Program

    This is a valuable reference that will show you the contrast between sharp and sloppy exercise routines. You’ll be able to see where your current fitness program is falling short. You’ll explore The top 26 components of a world class fitness program.

  • The Insider's Guide To Personalization And Functional Strength

    Dive into the evolution of Exercise Science and find out why your workouts must change with time.  You’ll discover how in the last 5 years the emergence of high intensity interval training with kettlebells, natural movement, and functional strength is the most advanced “engine” available to move you down the road to looking great, feeling great, and performing your best.

  • What Is Performance Training?

    I’ll clearly explain the 5 most popular training philosophies in their approach and methodologies. You’ll discover why performance training is your solution to creating efficient and effective workouts that are fun and build the foundation of an active lifestyle that you can be proud of.

  • The 30 Day Quick Start Program

    The 30-Day Quick Start shows you many aspects of our program…from movements, skills, to framework and philosophy.  The 30-Day Quick Start begins Your Performance Journey.

When you choose to participate, you’ll also get a free gift!

As a bonus, we’re throwing in The 30 Day Quick Start Program
For 30 days you’ll get a 3-5 minute video that shows you hands on information that’s great for beginners or experts. You’ll expand your knowledge of the skills and strategies that are the cornerstone of performance training so you can quickly get up to speed and get the benefits of high intensity interval training.

This is the starting point on Your Performance Journey. When you participate you build a new framework and mindset for what exercise is and how it can help you transform your life….quickly, effectively, safely, and conveniently…Before you personalize, progress, perform, and practice…you must participate!

So grab the participate pack today for $17 and get started immediately on Your Performance Journey!

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