Improve Mobility From The Ground Up

Improve Mobility From The Ground Up

Upon first glance, this may look like just another social media post.

However, upon deeper thinking and analysis you’ll notice the blue strength band.

When Jen joined us over 2 weeks ago, we placed her within Milestone #7, IMPROVE MOBILITY FROM THE GROUND UP.

Her poor ankle mobility was the prime suspect of a deficient functional squat assessment.

Astonished, Jen never realized her ankle mobility was deficient.

Therefore, we recommended ankle mobility correctives and PRESTO….

As a result, she is now performing a functional squat proficiently and moving into Milestone #11, DEVELOP KETTLEBELL SKILLS.

Our job is to follow a framework that begins with personalization and guarantees per session progression.


Are you following a framework that leans on proven systems?

Stay Smart, Stay Sharp, Stay Strong,

Korey McCoy, MS


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