The Most Important Thing To Remember About Crossfit

The Most Important Thing To Remember About Crossfit

Last week I received a text message from a client:

“We are checking on a friend at the Crossfit event. I think I’m getting injured just looking at them, WTF!”

First of all, Crossfit has done an amazing job of creating community and bringing fitness to the masses through their relationship with Reebok and ultimately Adidas (which will end soon).
I also believe strongly that our society needs as many fitness professionals doing great things in order to make an impact on the 40% of the population who are obese and the 80% who are not exercising at recommended levels.

I like some aspects of Crossfit.

However, my personal journey with movement and exercise is very different from the typical client we work with.
On Your Performance Journey™, I’m a Black Strength Band. My background includes higher academic degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, I’m a USTA 4.0 tennis competitor, recreational basketball player & triathlete, I hold numerous fitness certifications, 25 years of personal training experience, and I have an extremely competitive athletic instinct.

Last month, I dropped into a friend’s Crossfit facility and won the hero WOD against (or with) 22 people.
That’s a different story for another day!

What’s important to note is that the typical (and by typical I mean nearly all) client we see has movement deficiency of some sort, does not have movement skills, and may be lacking an overall fitness level that would prevent them from being injured during a Crossfit competition.

There you have it…The Most Important Thing To Remember About Crossfit.
“CROSSFIT IS NOT A FITNESS SYSTEM that takes anyone from where they are to where they want to go through logical and proven frameworks.”

When you view Crossfit as a sport it becomes much easier to appreciate the unbelievable fitness level the athletes have.

Taking fit people to fitter should be encouraged, but let’s not confuse a sport with a comprehensive fitness system that identifies movement deficiency, helps a client progress through natural movement and encourages reaching higher levels of fitness to bring about the deep and lasting benefits of an active lifestyle.

My recommendation is to start Your Performance Journey™ and determine which milestone you are in. This process is called PERSONALIZATION.
Through a functional movement screen, you can identify the most important milestone which gives rise to progression.
When you progress you’ll get quick wins and the momentum will bring you closer to your self-defined performance goals.
Once you’ve ascended Your Performance Journey and reached Milestone #21 and the Black Strength Band, it will open the door to sports specificity.

At that point, we’ve done all we can do to prepare you for activities, movements, and sports that may be considered dangerous or have a high risk of injuries such as Mixed Martial Arts, Powerlifting, and Crossfit.