The Gym Industry Must Embrace The Money Model To Impact Low Participation and Poor Outcomes

40% of our society is obese or morbidly obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Projections estimate that by 2030 we’ll reach a mind-boggling, health care stressing, and cost bludgeoning 50% obesity rate. The CDC also estimates 80% of the population is not exercising up to minimal standards.

So, does the gym industry bear responsibility for the low participation and poor biometric health outcomes?  

I believe so.  The modern proliferation of the fitness industry is driven by large numbers at low cost with minimal logic, marketing emotional desires, and leaning on the benefits of high-intensity programming.

Unfortunately, each of these “drivers” presents multiple concerns.

Shifting from goals, unrealistic desires, and high-intensity promises to immediate progression may encourage and motivate people who are out of shape, obese, and not currently exercising.   Persuading people to exercise through an emphasis on progress would work in a similar way to paying someone to work. Money motivates people to perform tasks they may otherwise not. If we promise and deliver per session progression, people experience and identify at least one of the Progression Principles.  This immediate gratification is what our society expects and demands, exercise and fitness are no different.

Here are the “Progression Principles” we identify and encourage our members to experience.


Growth through education.  Experience the power of breath, posture, tension, form, and programming rationale.


Managing life stress and having more energy becomes paramount as we age.


Participate in an exercise program and training scheme with progression built in.


Knowing what milestone you are in on “Your Performance Journey” keeps you focused and prioritizes what matters most.


Proving milestone proficiency results in a gradual movement towards your goals and recognition through 1 of 7 strength bands.


Whether comparing to your community or yourself, leaderboards provide motivation for achievement.


Challenge yourself to perform exercises, skills, loads, and conditioning schemes beyond any previous measure.


The physiological adaptation of an optimal strength & conditioning program results in lower % body fat and potentially weight loss.

When we personalize the process, it enables progression.  Progression is the single greatest motivator anyone can experience.  When you look for, expect, and deliver progress, you simultaneously enhance value.  If the fitness industry can increase value in the eyes of the majority of the population not currently engaged, the impact could be massive.  Modifying the message through FRAMEWORK is the first step in making a difference in the poor outcomes we are experiencing as a society. The “Progression Principles” represent a framework that gives our industry the awareness to guarantee per session progression (aka, THE BIG PROMISE).

Learn more about the framework in future blog posts as we’ll explore the 21 milestones of Your Performance Journey.

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