Do You Guarantee Personalized Progression? We are taking every coach from GOOD to GREAT to WORLD CLASS with the launching of the YPJ digital school this July. Welcome to a new breed of fitness certifications. In addition to the education in our Level I certification, you'll have the opportunity to join a community, start your own business from the convenience of your own home, make an impact on anyone's life regardless of location, see financial success, and create the lifestyle you've dreamed of in our Level II Certification. Best of all, successful

The 5 Best Exercises You Rarely See in a Big Box Gym Think back to your time in a big box gym or other "gym" environment and recall all the incredible things taking place. Some of my best (and by best, I mean worst) memories include the young female learning how to deadlift (ouch!), the isolated arm curls, the back-breaking crunches, the single arm triceps cable extension with a glance in the mirror, the machine circuits that put you in the seated position, the numerous exercises I couldn't identify, and the other exercises that

The Operating System That Will Change The Fitness Industry Are you trying to lead a life of optimal health or coach others to it?  Are you trying to be the best version of yourself or help others achieve it? Those questions may seem ridiculous, because, isn't everyone? Is it possible to lead your best life without some form of exercise?  Since we no longer spend hours hunting, gathering, lifting and carrying, exercise is a critical component of health, fitness, quality of life, and mortality as determined by the Academy of Medical Royal

If you prepare your body properly by having a reflexively stable core, are guided by a kettlebell professional, practice spine health habits, move proficiently, and have a mindset for progression, kettlebells are one of the safest and most effective fitness tools ever created.

The 5 Client Keys all represent essential concepts associated with success initially and throughout Your Performance Journey.  Failure to abide by any will at the very least make the journey more challenging and at most make failure inevitable.

CROSSFIT IS A SPORT! Crossfit works hard to position themselves as a sport based upon National Crossfit events, competitions they hold, and how they time random workouts of the day (WOD's). CROSSFIT IS NOT A FITNESS SYSTEM that takes anyone from where they are to where they want to go through logical and proven frameworks. When you view Crossfit as a sport it becomes much easier to appreciate the unbelievable fitness level the athletes have.