What Is Personal Training?

What Is Personal Training?

** PERSONAL TRAINING is an extremely common service and term.

However, looking up a definition for
PERSONAL TRAINING is difficult to find.

So, I’ll ask you…what is

Take a few moments and let that marinate.

Seriously! Think about it.

Most probably define personal training as a service that provides 1-on-1 fitness assistance.

We like to define PERSONAL TRAINING as a framework and structure that is personalized to a client in order to meet them where they are and move them towards their self-defined performance goals.

PERSONAL TRAINING exhibits the behaviors and hallmarks of personalization.

It is not necessarily 1-on-1.

It could be executed in groups or 1-on-1.

What is really cool is that our definition doesn’t even include fitness.


Yep, moving someone towards their self-defined performance goals may include emotional assistance, mindset strategies, bodywork, or whatever the client needs to move towards something they desire.

In fact, we pride ourselves on NOT providing workouts.

We provide progression.

We’re an education company that improves lives through fitness experiences.

We specialize in
GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING because groups are more fun, there’s more flexibility to fit into anyone’s schedule, and it is more affordable and cost sustainable.

**When you PERSONALIZE you will PROGRESS because approaching any destination is infinitely streamlined when the starting point is well-defined.

Your Performance Journey™ which is made up of 21 milestones are the tactics we employ to guarantee a personalized fitness experience.

When a client gets a Quick Win and ascends Your Performance Journey™, they experience progression, which gives rise to momentum.

When you have momentum you have a fitness experience that is valued.

When something is valued it is prioritized.

That takes us back to our 1st of 5 client keys: “PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH.”

Where are you on Your Performance Journey™?

Stay Smart, Stay Sharp, Stay Strong,

Korey McCoy


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