Work With Us Live If You Are Lucky Enough To Live In New York’s Capital Region

You can create a consistent practice with us at our New York fitness center and join our fitness community of like-minded smart professionals. Connectivity to others enriches your healthy lifestyle.

“I’m running without pain and road cycling like I have never before.  I’m in the best shape of my life and I attribute that to following the program and recommendations from Plaza Fitness Performance.” – Tim Wells


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“Plaza Fitness Performance has changed my life and given me a new purpose.  After 25 years I’ve seen it all in gyms and this program is the only approach I would recommend.” – EC Stumpf

Start With A Movement Screen And Strategy Session

You Can Activate A Performance Fitness Practice By Watching The Free Case Study:
“The Insider’s Guide To Functional Strength Training And Personalization”
And Then Schedule A Free Movement Screen And Strategy Session

Plaza Fitness Performance - Stuyvesant Plaza

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