8 Essential Elements For Optimal Strength And Conditioning

8 Essential Elements For Optimal Strength & Conditioning

Did you do what it takes this weekend to Look Great, Feel Great, and Perform Your Best?
This morning I made it to the club to coach a client and livestream Deathwish to our followers around the country.
I made the sacrifice of getting up early to help others with their health & fitness.
All of us sacrifice something when we choose to exercise and eat better.
To sacrifice is to surrender something for the sake of something else.

What Are You Sacrificing?

I believe each of you sacrifice your time in exchange for the promises associated with exercise.
But, what if the time you are sacrificing is no longer worth the result you are receiving?
For many in big box gyms, this must be the reality since the adherence rates are so pathetically low.
This is also a reality for many in body beatdown boot camps, as they deal with pain and nagging injuries.
This is why we work so hard on delivering an optimal strength & conditioning program that meets you where you are.
I guarantee you will progress as long as you walk through our doors…that’s all you need to do.

I believe each of you sacrifice your time in exchange for the promises associated with exercise.

We take care of everything else.
When you identify the elements of an optimal strength & conditioning program this is a list I would begin with:
1. Personalized. The program meets you where you are. Failure to personalize your program will increase the risk of injury and makes true progression difficult.
2. Natural. The exercises move the body the way the body is designed to move. Failure to move the body naturally will increase wear and tear on the body and dramatically elevate the risk of injury.
3. Proven. The program relies upon gold standard systems and research-based recommendations for spine health, movement assessments, muscle activation, strength, and power.
4. Periodized. The program is not random…it progresses from week to week and the energy system emphasis changes regularly, stimulating changes in your physiology. Failure to periodize a routine leads to boredom and plateaus.
5. Dose. The program encourages recovery and complimentary exercise to drive adaptation. For most, this means three days per week of strength & conditioning with cardiovascular exercise on alternating days. Failure to provide an appropriate dose (more or less) will result in poor results or overtraining and certain injury.
6. Motivating. Immersing yourself in a like-minded community creates connectivity and a higher likelihood of adherence to an exercise program. Failure to stay motivated results in you stopping your exercise program and not benefiting from “The Miracle Cure.”
7. Guidance. If you could do it on your own you would have done it already. Don’t be fooled! Guidance from a world-class coach makes a difference. Failure to have professional guidance means you’ll be doing what you have done in the past or you’ll do what others are doing.
8. Systematic. Incredible results can potentially happen in any gym or program. However, delivering predictable results from following an established navigation system or map produces consistent and duplicatable results…FOR ANYONE! This is Your Performance Journey. The martial art of fitness and the gold standard within the gym industry. It takes you from where you are to where you want to go. The strength bands represent this navigation system for Plaza Fitness Performance.
Once you know better, do better.