Introducing The Pillars Of Performance Training

It’s Time To Participate, Personalize, Progress, Perform, And Practice

Exercise Science Has Evolved

Our Fitness Center is the laboratory where we cultivate best practices to get you amazing results.


Livestreaming Convenience

Livestreaming to your home fitness studio enables you to practice whenever you want. You can use our sessions on demand and live coaching sessions to make the most of your time and effort.

Our Community

Our Community is a supportive online membership community exclusive for people practicing with us. You can use the dashboard as the center of Your Performance Journey.

The Dashboard

Your Online Training Platform

You can practice with us at our New York fitness center and you can create your own home studio to activate Your Performance Journey anywhere. Learn about the cutting edge of exercise science and get to know other smart professionals in our exclusive online community.

  • The Perpetual Personal Training System

    The Perpetual Personal Training System ensures movement toward your goals every month.   Everyone begins with the REALIZATION that their program is either not working or not optimal.  We then cycle through all other aspects of The Perpetual Personal Training System: BASELINE ASSESSMENT, FOUNDATION, BODYWORK, OPTIMAL STRENGTH & CONDITIONING, REASSESSMENT, ACHIEVEMENT.

  • Your Performance Journey

    Your Performance Journey identifies where you are and provides a navigation tool for you to achieve quick wins and gradually move toward your goal of LOOKING GREAT, FEELING GREAT, AND PERFORMING WELL.

  • Program Progression

    Progressing from workout to workout, week to week, and month to month happens when you provide your body with what it needs.  We follow five proven systems, we aren’t guessing when we follow Your Performance Journey and get you quick wins.  You’ll move better, have more balance, and get truly strong.

  • Skills School

    Every skill we teach and every exercise within our program is explained and demonstrated within our library.  Taking the time to improve your form is critical to reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.

  • The Playbook

    The PLAYBOOK is the entire collection of digital assets that describe, educate, map, navigate, and otherwise outline in detail every aspect of our program.  These aspects are bundled in 4 packs: PARTICIPATE, PERSONALIZE, PROGRESS, AND PERFORM.  Each pack includes critical components necessary to optimize your experience.  They should be consumed in that order.  Finally, you can add PRACTICE to the PLAYBOOK in order to get momentum toward your goals.

  • Sessions On Demand

    Our live sessions go directly to on-demand in the event your schedule does not allow you to join us during the live session broadcasts.

  • Live Studio

    The LIVE STUDIO is…live.  This isn’t a DVD you do over and over…it is a living, breathing program lead by Korey McCoy.  These live sessions are engaging and will help you enhance your balance, move better, get stronger, develop more power, and otherwise motivate and inspire you to look great, feel great, and perform your best.

Make Performance Training The Cornerstone Of Your Active Lifestyle

We Know What Works…Simply Execute The Plan

The Leading Systems At The Core Of Our Practice

Put The Effort Into What Works By Following Globally Recognized Performance Techniques


High Intensity Interval Training For Smart Professionals

Create An Active Lifestyle With Performance Training That is Safe, Effective And Personalized For You

Twice The Results, Half The Time

With 3 sessions that are 45 minutes long you can effectively shape and tone your body with optimal strength and conditioning.

Challenge The Body Appropriately

Get quick wins consistently by setting the right goals that are based on proven exercise science and kinesiology.

Look Great, Feel Great, Perform Well

When you get stronger with a performance practice you’ll have more energy, a fitter body, and feel great about yourself.

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