Introducing The Pillars Of Performance Training

It’s Time To Participate, Personalize, Progress, Perform, And Practice

Welcome to Plaza Fitness Performance.

We are an education company, improving the lives of our clients through fitness experiences.

We work with smart professionals like you to help you look great, feel great, and perform your best.  We do this through performance training, which moves the body the way the body was designed to move.  Our Perpetual Personal Training System encourages you to PARTICIPATE, PERSONALIZE, PROGRESS, PERFORM, and PRACTICE to help you get a body transformation.  So, stop spinning your wheels in a gym, stop getting a body beatdown in a 20 to 50 person boot camp and begin YOUR PERFORMANCE JOURNEY!

We’ll guide you through all the misinformation in the fitness industry and the outright failure rates associated with joining a big box gym.

Take a look at how we bundle and deliver our program.  The first step is to simply participate.  When you participate, you’ll know the ABCs of a sharp fitness program.  You’ll understand why performance training is the only logical option for you and you’ll begin a 30-day quick start.  Then you’ll personalize your fitness experience with a movement screen which helps us pinpoint the Strength Band and milestone that starts Your Performance Journey.  When you identify the milestone, you give your body the opportunity to do what it needs and is designed to do.  You’ll then begin ascending the system and progress meaningfully with Quick Wins.

When you progress meaningfully, you’ll start to perform better.  When you start performing better through skills, activating the backside chain, and enhancing your core stability, you’ll start to perform better in a way that’s defined by you.  Self-defined performance is critical.  Whether you want to improve your golf game, get up and down from the ground easier, shape and tone, or run a faster 5k, it doesn’t matter.  It’s self-defined performance.  Isn’t that cool?

And finally, your practice of three sessions per week of optimal strength and conditioning, 30 to 45 minutes – that’s our delivery mechanism to help you get all of these incredible benefits.  You can do it anywhere…from the convenience of your own home, the office, the gym, or you can be in the Albany, New York studio, it just doesn’t matter.  It’s self-defined performance in a location that’s comfortable and convenient for you.

This is Plaza Fitness Performance…I’m Korey McCoy, Your Performance Coach…Your Performance Journey awaits!

Your Online Training Platform

You can practice with us at our New York fitness center and you can create your own home studio to activate Your Performance Journey anywhere. Learn about the cutting edge of exercise science and get to know other smart professionals in our private online community.

  • The Perpetual Personal Training System

    The Perpetual Personal Training System ensures movement toward your goals every month.   Everyone begins with the REALIZATION that their program is either not working or not optimal.  We then cycle through all other aspects of The Perpetual Personal Training System: BASELINE ASSESSMENT, FOUNDATION, BODYWORK, OPTIMAL STRENGTH & CONDITIONING, REASSESSMENT, ACHIEVEMENT.

  • Your Performance Journey

    Your Performance Journey identifies where you are and provides a navigation tool for you to achieve quick wins and gradually move toward your goal of LOOKING GREAT, FEELING GREAT, AND PERFORMING WELL. Your Performance Journey is the GOLD standard navigation tool for the fitness industry and known as the health-oriented martial art of fitness.

  • Program Progression

    Progressing from workout to workout, week to week, and month to month happens when you provide your body with what it needs.  We follow five proven systems, we aren’t guessing when we follow Your Performance Journey and get you quick wins.  You’ll move better, have more balance, and get truly strong.

  • Skills School

    Every skill we teach and every exercise within our program is explained and demonstrated within our library.  Taking the time to improve your form is critical to reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.

  • The Playbook

    The PLAYBOOK is the entire collection of digital assets that describe, educate, map, navigate, and otherwise outline in detail every aspect of our program.  These aspects are bundled in 4 packs: PARTICIPATE, PERSONALIZE, PROGRESS, AND PERFORM.  Each pack includes critical components necessary to optimize your experience.  They should be consumed in that order.  Finally, adding your PRACTICE provides the hands-on guidance and motivation necessary to deliver momentum toward your goals.

  • Sessions On Demand

    Our live sessions go directly to on-demand in the event your schedule does not allow you to join us during the live session broadcasts.


    The LIVESTREAM STUDIO is…live.  This isn’t a DVD you do over and over…it is a living, breathing program lead by Korey McCoy.  These live sessions are engaging and will help you enhance your balance, move better, get stronger, develop more power, and otherwise motivate and inspire you to look great, feel great, and perform your best.

Make Performance Training The Cornerstone Of Your Active Lifestyle

We Know What Works…Simply Execute The Plan

Exercise Science Has Evolved

Our Fitness Center is the laboratory where we cultivate best practices to get you amazing results.


Livestreaming Convenience

Livestreaming to your home fitness studio enables you to practice whenever you want. You can use our sessions on demand and live coaching sessions to make the most of your time and effort.

Our Community

Our Community is a supportive online membership community exclusive for people practicing with us. You can use the dashboard as the center of Your Performance Journey.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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